Loweflight now provides Aerial Drone Services!


Loweflight now provides Aerial Drone Services.... Call for a quote. 

Demo XC available at reduced cost.    (Please call for details.)

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          (Powered Parachute)

Xcitor Meets
​ Australia


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The Drones
​are coming! 

LoweFlight developes a Water Rescue Drone. 

WAIT !    Dollar under 66 cent deal.

Waiting for the AUD dollar to rise higher before you buy? .........Don't bother!

I'm currently offering a 1,000.00 EUR discount to anyone that places an order whilst the AUD is trading less than 66 cents against the EUR, so waiting for the dollar to rise may no longer be in your best interest. 

Offer is valid whilst it appears on this website & is subject to change, so don't put it off.

Call me to find out what sets the XCitor appart from the others and understand why this aircraft provides such great value.

You know you want one....... It's time to get XCited!