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My name is Robin Lowe and I started LoweFlight for the sole purpose of promoting the Fresh Breeze 'XCitor' in Australia. I have been flying Powered Parachutes since 2008 and have enjoyed every moment but I wanted something more. I imported the first XCitor (XC) from Germany into Australia in early 2013 after searching the world for a Powered Parachute that had the ability to fly cross country, was agile, modern and able to carry two adults comfortably and safely. I also wanted my flying machine to look good. I think most people would agree that the XC ticks the box when it comes to style and visual appeal. Within two days of me taking delivery of the first XC to arrive in Australia, it was off to the Australian International Air Show at Avalon where my XC won "Best Weightshift Recreational Aircraft".

Being a Paramedic, I was mindful of what can happen when things go wrong and I didn't want to end up on the recieving side of my trade. The XCitor has been designed by experts with professional qualifications and comes with a ballistic parachute as standard. The XC's wing was custom designed for the XC and is regarded as extremely safe and stable. The XC is a certified aircraft in Europe and has achieved factory built, type certification status here in Australia.

The XC is registered in Australia as a Powered Parachute via Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA) and falls under a 95.32 catagory. This means the XC can be used by flight schools to undertake pilot training. Flying the XC requires the pilot to hold a Pilot Cetificate (Powered Parachute) which is issued by RAA.

I searched the globe for a powered parachute that I believe to be the best..... I think I found it !

If you would like to purchase your very own XCitor, or just want further information,
please call me and I will do my best to help you.

Fresh Breeze are world leaders in PPC/PPG inovation and design . They produce the technology that others seek to emulate.

Loweflight entered into the commercial operations of aerial drones in October of 2016. Work undertaken has included aerial search, videography / photography for music video, media, weddings & agricultural survey.  

Robin Lowe