XCitor Information

Some Features of the XCitor:

One of the fastest aircraft to fly under a Ram Air Wing
In flight speed adjustment
Light Steering Controls
Hand Steer, Foot Throttle (hand operated cruise throttle)
Secondary Steering System (lever)
Economical 70 Hp Fuel Injected 2x Stroke Engine (no carburettors to worry about) TBO 1000 hrs
Ability to see fuel remaining in tank during flight. (optional fuel gauge)
Electronic Start is standard
Back up pull start also standard
Ability to fix motor rpm & your heading (sit back & relax)
Ground Steering
Disc Brakes

Ballistic Recovery Chute as standard (confidence to fly)

Strong constructon with frontal protection bars that direct wires etc up & over your head.
A wing that's been designed and purpose built solely for the XCitor
Cargo storage capability
Ability to option XCitor with tundra tyres (Same price)
Ability to tow behind your car. Save on the cost of a trailor.
(Insure your aircraft as a trailor & save.) 
XCitor meets stringent German noise standards, so it's quieter than you might expect.
Centrifical Clutch (Motor can run without the prop' turning)
A pilot view that is unmatched by (side by side) seating aircraft.
Fly with the knowledge that you are in a factory built, type certified aircraft, that's test flown prior to delivery.
Fresh Breeze lead the way in inovation and design.... Others follow.